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Ownership of Content

Everything you see on TrimAndToned.com like the words, pictures, logos, sounds, downloads, and even the way it all looks belongs to us or the people who give us their stuff to show you. It’s all protected by big rules from all over the world that say you can’t just take it without permission. We put it all together, and that makes it specially ours.

Copyright Protection
The information on TrimAndToned.com is super protected because it’s not just ours, but it also has special rights. If someone uses it without asking, they could get in big trouble, including having to go to court or even facing bigger penalties.


Personal Use
TrimAndToned.com lets you visit and use this website just for yourself. You can’t sell anything from the site or use it to make money in any way. You also can’t collect information like product lists or prices to use for your own business. This means you can’t use the site or anything on it to make something new, download stuff for another business, or use tools to collect data without permission.

We really don’t want you to do these things:

– Don’t share any stuff from our website somewhere else without asking us first.

– You can’t sell or give our website content to someone else to use for their own business.

– Don’t show or perform anything from our website in public.

– Please don’t use our website in a way that could hurt it.

– Don’t use our website in a way that stops other people from getting to it.

– Make sure you don’t use our website in a way that breaks any laws, hurts the website, or harms anyone or any business.

Copyright Infringement Claims
If you think someone has used your work on our site without permission, tell our Copyright Agent with:

– Where on our site you saw your work that shouldn’t be there;

– How we can contact you, like your address, phone number, and email;

– Say that you really believe the work was used without the right permission;

– Promise under oath that what you’re telling us is true and that you either own the copyright or are allowed to speak for the owner.

Changes and Updates
TrimAndToned.com can change or stop their service anytime they want, with or without telling you first. If we change or stop the service, we’re not in trouble with you or anyone else.

No Promises and Not Our Fault
We’re giving you this site “as is” – that means we’re not making any promises about how good it is or if everything on it is right. We’re also not responsible if you use the site and something goes wrong. It’s all up to you.

Laws That Apply
The rules and laws of the United States are what guide these terms. If there’s ever a big problem, we have to deal with it in the courts of the United States.

For questions regarding our copyright policy or claims of infringement: support@TrimAndToned.com

Thank you for respecting our intellectual property rights. We hope your visit to TrimAndToned.com inspires you towards achieving your weight loss goals. Remember: every step taken is a step closer to becoming leaner and more fabulous!