Our Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy explains how TrimandToned gathers, uses, and shares your info. It also tells you how you can make choices about your information. This policy is for our website, TrimAndToned.com.

This Policy is only for our Services. It doesn’t cover other websites, apps, or services we don’t own or control. It also covers info we get in person, like if you call us for help or see us at events.

When you use our Services, you’re saying you understand this policy. If you have questions, you can email us at admin@TrimAndToned.com.

This Privacy Policy talks about the info we collect, use, and share through our websites, apps, products, and services to help run, improve, develop, and give you our services. It also tells you what choices you have about this info.

Please read this Privacy Policy to know how we handle your info. By using our Services, you agree to this Privacy Policy and to our way of handling information as described here.

This Policy is only for our Services and doesn’t cover other websites, apps, or services we don’t own or control. It also includes info we collect in person, like if you call us for help or meet us at events.

Information We Collect

We get information from you in different ways, depending on how you use our Services.

Information You Give Us

We collect info you give us when you use our Services. This can be when you make an account, give feedback, schedule a meeting, order something, sign up for emails, talk to customer service, answer surveys or quizzes, post on our Services, or let our Apps use your photos or other info. Here are types of info you might give us.

Information You Provide to Us
We get information from you when you use our Services. This happens when you make an account, tell us what you think, set up a meeting, buy something, join our email list, talk to our help team, answer questions or surveys, share something on our Services, or let our apps use your pictures or other info. Here’s what you might tell us.

Contact Information: Your name, email, phone number, and where you live.
Account Information: Your username, what you like, and what you’re interested in. You give us this when you make and use your account.
Demographic Information: Your gender, when you were born, and if you’re married.

Order Information: Where to send what you bought, what you bought, your buying history, and how you paid, like your card number and when it expires.

User Content: Things you write, pictures, posts, ideas, reviews, or any thoughts you share might be seen by others. This can include your username, based on where and how you share stuff.

Communications: Information you give us when you email us, talk to our customer service, meet us at an event, interact with us on social media like liking or sharing a post, or answer our surveys or enter contests.

Information from Your Device or Apps: If you let us, we might use information from your phone or apps, like pictures, your calendar, or health app data.

Health-Related Information: Information about your health, medicines you take, the kind of care you need, your sexual health, and appointments you’re making.

Location Information: We might know where you are in a big way from your internet address or exactly where you are if you let an app of ours use your phone’s location.

Information from Forms: When you fill out forms for leads or orders, we ask for your contact and payment details (as mentioned before) and sometimes other stuff like if you’re in the military or need insurance for your car.

Any other information you provide to us
It is not compulsory to give us any detail about yourself if you don’t want to. But, if you decide not to share some information with us, some parts of our Services might not work right, or you might not be able to use some features. For instance, without your name and email, you can’t make an account.

Sometimes, the information you give us, like details about your health, is extra private. Some laws say this kind of info is “sensitive.” We talk more about this in a special part of our privacy notice.

Information We Collect Automatically

We usually collect some details automatically whenever you are using our site. This includes:

Device Information: We find out your IP address, what kind of device you’re using, what software it has like the operating system, the type of browser you’re using, what language it’s set to, your time zone, unique numbers that identify your device, and IDs used for ads, like the ID for mobile ads.

Usage Information: We keep track of how you use our Services. This means we notice when you use them, which pages you look at, which links you click on, how long you spend on each page, which websites or apps you visited before and after ours, your search history, and what you post on our Services.

Information We Collect from Other Sources
Sometimes, we get information about you from other places. This can include:

Our family companies: If you use their services, we might get info from them.

Log-in services and social networks: If you use a social network (like Facebook) to log into our Services, we might get to see things from your social network profile. This could be your profile details, your posts, what you like and share, and your friends list, but only if you let us see these things based on your social network settings.

If you don’t want us to get this info, don’t log in with a social network. Check the social network’s own rules and privacy policy to learn how to change what we can see.

Credit report services: For some parts of our Services, we might need to get info from credit report places to follow the law and help you do things like buy stuff.

Other sources: We might get more info about you from other people. This could be extra details to add to what we already know. These people could be business partners, people who advertise, data people, researchers, public records, and others.

How We Use Your Information
We use the info we collect for lots of reasons. What we do can depend on the kind of info and how you use our Services. Here’s what we might do:

Provide and look after the Services: This includes setting up your account and running our business.

Make the Services better for you: By remembering what you like.
Study and research: We look at how people use our Services so we can understand better and improve.
Make things better: We come up with new features and new stuff to do.

Cookies, Analytics, and Advertising

We and some other people use things called cookies and similar stuff like pixels to collect your info. A cookie is a tiny file that websites put on your device to remember things about you. They help you move around our Services easier, make things more interesting for you, understand how you use our Services, keep track of what you like, check who you are, and show certain ads.

Some cookies are from us (first-party cookies) and some are from other companies (third-party cookies). We use cookies that go away when you close your browser and some that stay longer. We also use pixels in emails to see if you open them or click on something.

To change your cookie settings, you can look in the “Help” section of your internet browser. It will tell you how to get alerts about new cookies, or how to stop cookies altogether. But remember, if you stop cookies, some parts of our Services might not work right.

Some cookies are really important for our Services to work, so you can’t turn those off. If you live in Europe or the UK, check out our special note for you below about cookies.

We and some services that study how people use websites, like Google Analytics, put cookies and similar stuff on our Services to check how they’re used. You can learn more about how Google checks and uses your visits by clicking here.

If you don’t want Google Analytics to use your info, you can download a tool for your browser from here that stops it. But, if you set this up on one device or browser and want it to work on others, you need to set it up there too.

Rights Regarding Your Information
Where you live might give you special rights over your personal info. You might be able to ask us to:

• Let you see and/or get a copy of the personal info we have about you.
• Tell you about the personal info we collect, share, and why we collect it, including where we got it from and who we share it with.
• Fix or edit personal info about you that’s wrong.
• Remove your personal info that we have.

Your rights can be different based on where you live. You might also be able to say no to how we use your info, limit it, or choose not to be part of it. Check out our special privacy note for more info about these rights where you live.

You can sometimes fix or delete your info through your account. But, some of your info might not be changed or removed because we need it to give you the Services, or the law says we have to keep it.

Before we can help with certain requests, we might need to make sure it’s really you. This could mean checking your name and email. If the law lets you, you might also let someone else ask for you. But you’ll need to give them written permission, and we still need to check who you are.